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Working solutions and quality design

CPS Global, on behalf of our client and in conjunction with the major telecommunications carries, worked redeveloping one of Tamarama’s “eyesore” buildings. All major carriers have a presence on the building and were providing critical coverage to the area, but also hindering the commencement of the redevelopment. Rather than decommission all telco infrastructure on the site and leave a major hole in the network, CPS was able to negotiate a temporary installation with the building owners. This installation included the removal of the existing antennas to allow partial demolition and allowed the redevelopment crew to carry out work safely as well as maintain network coverage. The temporary solution was advertised to the community with minimal objections. Given the buildings visual dominance, the lack of objection to the site’s appearance is an indication of the quality of design CPS was able to achieve. CPS has also secured a commercial agreement for a permanent solution upon completion of the redevelopment. CPS is proud of the work done in regards to achieving a commercial agreement for our client, a consultation process that did not result in objections from the community and a design that maintains coverage and allows work to commence on the redevelopment of an unwanted building .