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Town Planning

At CPS Global our town planning team comes from a diverse background of private sector and government. As a result, this broad base gives us an insight into the relevant controls which govern your project. Also, CPS Global can identify your risks, advise on the most successful approaches and manage all necessary documentation, follow-up and approvals.

With the increased role of the general public in development in many areas, CPS Global can help manage your public consultation strategy to ensure positive outcomes. In this respect, our team has extensive formal mediation, public hearing and community consultation implementation experience. In addition, our team has experience at both expert and advocacy level in Court, CPS Planning is able to provide you with a comprehensive planning service.

Especially relevant is our experience from the Federal to Local level. In conclusion, the CPS Global team works hard to deliver favourable outcomes for your project.

CPS Global can also provide you with:

  • Planning Advice
  • MCU (Material Change of Use)  Applications
  • REC (Reconfiguration of a Lot) Applications
  • Plan Development
  • Community Consultation
  • Appeals