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Commercial property

CPS Global provides a wide range of services in commercial property. These services include acquisition, cost and strategy, investment strategy and rationale, risk factors and exit strategies.


Australia’s economy is strong, stable and continues to grow, necessitating the expansion of national infrastructure. CPS Global specialises in assisting major infrastructure operators.

During the past 25 years we have successfully completed myriad projects utilising our integrated approach to delivery. From mobile phone base stations to electric vehicle charging stations, CPS Global can successfully deliver a diverse range of infrastructure. You can find more information on our Services Page.


CPS Global is proud to have been a part of shaping Australia’s telecommunications infrastructure. Over the last 20 years, we’ve acquired and deployed more than 1,000 cellular sites. Further, CPS Global continues to play a major role in this area by providing site acquisition environmental design (SAED) through to entering into and finalising all aspects of lease negotiations as required.

However, our clients may wish to retain the ability to select and design their specific project. Either way, regardless of the scope of a project, we understand the imperative of an effective and accurate delivery to the market.