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Mobile phone tower decommissioning

CPS Global has extensive experience in decommissioning projects. Our team manages this work on a fixed-fee basis, giving cost certainty for project budgets.

By collaborating with client property teams, CPS Global is able to identify redundant sites and negotiate early termination to save ongoing operating expenditure costs.

CPS Global will identify high opex sites and relocate them prior to decommissioning of the old site.


CPS Global has done simple internal work to full site reconfigurations.

We have national experience with complex eJV sites as well as with SAED, build and IC.

CPS Global can offer fixed-fee build works, reactive work, site troubleshooting. and site life-cycle maintenance (SLM).


CPS Global is a leading ‘end-to-end’ specialist with turnkey site delivery, including site scoping, radio frequency planning, integration and handover.

We have national SAED experience with all major telecommunications carriers in Australia.

Working with a funded build model option, we can also offer ongoing asset maintenance and management, or co-location management as needed.

Electric charging stations

CPS Global has completed electric charging station infrastructure for global auto-maker Tesla.

We offer fleet consultation, vehicle procurement and the supply and install of EV charging stations and infrastructure nationally.

With in-house town planning, engineering, project management and building capabilities, we work with a range of stakeholders to ensure EV charging stations and fleets are tailored to clients’ specific needs.

CPS Global is ready to deliver the infrastructure required for the future of electric transportation.

Field survey

CPS Emnion performs field survey work for established infrastructure networks. Our record includes:

  • 3,625km of duct inspected (equal to more than a quarter of the earths diameter)
  • 125,000 infrastructure pits inspected
  • 12,000 man hours of work per month
  • more than 1.8 million photos captured