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Policies and Accreditation


The team at CPS Global wants to meet and exceed the quality standards expected of us by our customers. As a result, we demonstrate this in the delivery of our management services. To ensure that our people manage the quality standard throughout our company, we have established a Quality Policy and System. In addition, we embrace ISO 9001:2015. an accredited and internationally recognised standard.

CPS IBS Key Policies V11 29 April 2020_Business

GCC Certificate ISO 9001


Our WHSEQ manager promotes safe work and health practices at CPS Global  Our focus is on maintaining a safe work environment for all staff and sub contractors. CPS Global has successfully obtained certification in AS/NZS 4801:2001 Occupational Health & Safety.

CPS IBS Key Policies V9 29 April 2020_WHS

CPS Global Certificate ASNZS 4801:2001 – 2022


Our team at CPS Global is committed to protecting the environment through our work practices. Furthermore, we are recognised as an environmentally responsible entity and have developed an extensive environmental management plan. In addition, we have achieved the new ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System accreditation.

CPS IBS Key Policies V10 29 April 2020_Environmental

CPS Global Certificate ISO 14001:2015 – 2022