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CPS Global commenced operations in Sydney, Australia in 1992 as “Commercial Property Solutions”. When the company went international, we changed the name to CPS Global.

Early Days

CPS Global was one of the first service providers to assist Mobile Telephone Carriers to deploy mobile telephone network infrastructure. Back then, the standards and processes for valuing and acquiring this form of property didn’t exist. Our team formulated and applied industry standards to our projects when our clients were faced with challenging network expansion requirements. Hence, every site was not a completely new process. We developed a narrower array of standard procedures to facilitate network deployment. CPS Global had facilitated a complex project and assisted the client to beat its competitors to market while saving cost.

That approach was to become the CPS Global corporate DNA.

Since that time, CPS Global has operated throughout Australia and has worked with clients in England, Wales, Scotland, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. We have provided solutions for clients in real estate and in a broad range of industries including Entertainment, Financial Services, Energy, Healthcare, Food and Beverage, General Retailing and Transport Infrastructure.

Our people have been amongst the leading performers in many markets. Many of our alumni are also industry leaders – CPS Global has assisted hundreds of people develop their careers and grow into other roles.

CPS Global is proud that many of our clients have remained with us throughout our existence. Our rich heritage, established approach to problem solving, commitment to great staff performance and a burning desire to listen and deliver our customer goals will see CPS Global remain at the fore of the Telecommunications and Infrastructure sectors.