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Electric Vehicles

An ‘end to end’ service for your electric vehicle needs including charging stations

CPS Global looks forward to offering our expertise to the growing Electric Vehicle (EV) industry in Australia.

At CPS Global, we are able to offer fleet consultation, vehicle procurement and the supply and install of EV charging stations and infrastructure.

Because we offer town planning, engineering, project management and building capabilities, we can work with a wide range of stakeholders. This will ensure their EV charging stations and fleets are tailored to meet their specific needs.

Fleet Consultation

CPS Global offers our EV knowledge to assist fleet operators in choosing the most efficient and effective vehicles and infrastructure.

Furthermore, we aim to work with you in bringing long term improvements that will be better for the environment, your image and your balance sheet.

Vehicle Procurement

We assist in the purchasing of proven EV’s tailored to your needs and usage patterns. In addition, we assist in choosing the infrastructure to match your chosen vehicles.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations and Infrastructure

We specialise in the supply and installation of EV charging stations and infrastructure. As a result, we can assess your office car park, workplace and suggested area for your charging infrastructure.