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Design Services

CPS Global offers expertise in design and engineering services.

Much of the design and engineering for the telecommunications sector involves the establishment or upgrade of infrastructure. Therefore, CPS is able to offer clients seamless, end to end service.

Some examples of our design services also include:

  • Prepare Construction Drawings and specifications necessary for completion of the site works
  • Detailed Site build Method of Procedure (MoP includes details for usage of Plant/EWP and plans for scheduling any necessary outages)
  • Details of any elements of the Design and construction, temporary work designs relating to earthworks (including geo-technical), drainage, access roads, pedestrian access, formwork, traffic management, major lifts, etc., that will be required on a project
  • Perform a Site visit and consequently assess the Site for construction and setup
  • Check the proposed design and construction elements are located entirely within the licensed area
  • Design documentation approved by all relevant Authorities
  • Confirm the detail of a locality plan depicting and describing access
  • Perform a thorough build-ability review also including physical assessment at the proposed Site
  • In addition, instruct any other supplier or Third Party as required to proceed with final Construction Drawings

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